Turntable Module for HeadONE

  • Revolutionize your e-commerce photography with the Turntable Module
  • Effortlessly capture 360-degree product photos with the HeadONE
  • Includes both matte white and glossy black plates for versatility in your shoots
  • Simply place the Turntable Module on the HeadONE, place your product on the turntable, and watch as the device rotates your product, triggering your camera's shutter (shutter release cable sold separately)
  • Say goodbye to manual rotation and hello to seamless, automatic 360-degree product photos
  • Create stunning 360-degree product videos with the Turntable Module to show customers every angle
  • Take your e-commerce game to the next level with this must-have tool for serious professionals
  • Impress your customers with dynamic, looping product displays that leave a lasting impression.
Sale price$89
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Turntable Module Tech Specs

Box Contents

Black GLOSSY Plate, White MATT Plate, Shutter Trigger Extension Cable (NOT shutter trigger cable), 3/8”-16 mounting screw