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Current TradeUP Offers:

HeadPLUS v3

Regular Price: $1699
Current Introduction Price: $1499
TradeUP Price: $1199
Offer Ends July 31
(only for HeadPLUS v1 or v2 owners)

For Pro Version: Regular price: $2299, Current Introduction Price: $1999, TradeUP Price: $1599

Why upgrade?

⬤ Redesigned Camera bracket that can fold vertically for vertical videos.
⬤ 2x faster pan & tilt
⬤ 2x longer battery life
⬤ 2x bluetooth connectivity range
⬤ 10x more precise positioning
⬤ Auto calibration when entering the point tracking mode.
⬤ Easy access to the camera battery port (means changing camera battery without interfering with the setup)
⬤ Direct port for our new Focus/Zoom Module v3 (means 1 less battery to manage and easier workflow)

SliderONE v3

Regular Price: $499
TradeUP Price: $399
Limited with quantity
(only for SliderONE v1 or v2 owners)
Why upgrade?

⬤ Allows hand-control to set poses.
⬤ Can slide 2x faster.
⬤ TapMove feature is coming soon: Tap directly on SliderONE's body to set speed and poses, then start the motion without the need for buttons or the app.
⬤ When set up at an incline, auto-disables hand-control to increase vertical carrying capacity.

HeadONE v2

Regular Price: $399
TradeUP Price: $299
Limited with quantity
(only for HeadONE v1 owners)
Why upgrade?

⬤ Allows hand-control to set poses.
⬤ Face tracking with Phone Mode. (iOS only)
⬤ Can rotate 2x faster.
⬤ Safety lock switch.
⬤ Also: New Tilt Module v4 allows vertical camera orientation. (sold separately)
Point Tracking Feature: When you use HeadONE with an edelkrone body (slider, jib, dolly), the 'Point Tracking' feature automates head motions, enabling you to get amazing tracking shots effortlessly.

You're eligible if you own the previous versions of the products on this page.

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