PocketRIG v3 (Clearance)

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Modular Design: Customizable setup with a half cage and adjustable rail system for attaching accessories (lights, microphones, monitors). Foldable and adjustable for various shooting needs.

Compact and Portable: Folds to the size of a battery grip, ensuring high portability without losing functionality.

Enhanced Stability: Includes foldable, extendable 15mm rods for mounting a follow focus or matte box, with detachable shoulder, chest, and belt supports for improved handheld shooting stability.

Ergonomic Handling: Optional handle packs provide ergonomic grip options, including dual front handles, a top handle, and a side handle.

Applications: Ideal for dynamic, on-the-go shooting such as documentaries, vlogs, or professional productions. Lightweight and foldable for easy transport and quick setup.

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