Share & Shine with #edelkrone

We love seeing your final creations and behind-the-scenes moments with edelkrone gear.

Here are the benefits of sharing with #edelkrone on Instagram:

Tier 1

Get Featured on

We would love to showcase your work on, giving you the opportunity to demonstrate your potential and inspire fellow creators. You can watch community-made videos here.

Tier 2

Gain Exposure on Our Instagram & Facebook Pages

Expand your reach even more by getting featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Get spotlighted in front of our vibrant community of video makers, gain new followers, and increase your engagement.

Tier 3

We Fund Your Next Masterpiece

We may propose further collaborations where we fund new video productions with you. This could be an exciting and lucrative opportunity for you to create even more impressive content with our support.

Key Criteria to Get Showcased! →

Product visibility

Keeping the edelkrone product in focus, making sure it stands out from the background with dynamic movement, depth creation, and inclusion of b-roll and detail shots.

Features showcased

Clear presentation of product benefits, features, and practical use.

Scenario-product synergy

Using Edelkrone products where they are most suitable for their design.

Result impressiveness

Also including result shots captured with edelkrone products and their impressiveness.

Crisp footage

High resolution, focused, correctly exposed video.

Presence of people

Including edelkrone product users and behind-the-scenes individuals in the video. Highlighting people, their style, and charisma.

Original set/location

Exceptionally distinctive and artistically elevated environment.

Dramatic lighting

Applying dramatic lighting techniques to evoke mood, enhance ambiance, and captivate viewers.

Engaging storytelling

Highly Engaging and Rapidly Paced Narrative.

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